What we provide

Solotics offers a broad range of services encompassing technical concepts, programming and continuous support. We work on a team-oriented basis, as current demands on Internet applications involve a large number of people. We maintain close contact to our clients and can supplement our team with our partnership network, if so desired.

Technical planning and concepts

It is often a long way from an idea to the finished product. We advise you in and help you with the selection of the right technologies. The use of modern Web 2.0 techniques in particular requires a lot of experience so as not to endanger the usability of your project.

Database design and implementation

The success of your Internet application often depends on the right database design. Apart from access speed, expandability is a further aspect which requires attention. Among others, we realise databases with MySQL, PostgreSQL or Oracle.


We primarily develop with the PHP programming language and count on known standards such as the Zend Framework, PEAR, Horde or Seagull. Existing systems are thus utilised or used as basis, shortening development time.

Our experience in the efficient use of JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery or Prototype ensures the required dynamics.

Naturally we also master further programming languages, which can be applied depending on the project. These include C/C++, Java, Perl as well as Ruby on Rails.

Mobile applications

During the last few years the number of Internet accessible cell phones has increased strongly and so has the demand for mobile contents. The iPhone in particular has severely stirred up the market. Apart from the adjustment of your site to enable mobile browsers, we therefore also offer the development of special applications for the iPhone.

Graphical implementation

Using Screendesigns, we take on the entire implementation in HTML/CSS. whereby we ensure that the pages are displayed correctly in all common browsers. Especially older browsers such as Internet Explorer 6 are an enormous problem, as it does not adhere to common standards.

If desired, we can also realise Flash animations according to graphical templates, which can be seamlessly integrated in the existing page.